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Game Music for Daily Living

Scarlet Moon Productions had the honor of attending and presenting at Gamer’s Rhapsody this past weekend, and we wanted to make available our slides from the Game Music for Daily Living presentation which explores the use of game music to help you sleep, relax, exercise, and celebrate holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. Embedded music samples act as references and encourage you to seek out other resources and music releases for even more music to use throughout your day!

Download the slides here!

Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Announced

Scarlet Moon Records is extremely proud to be able to reveal Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies, an album of videogame music tracks arranged and performed live for sleep and relaxation. The album features Norihiko Hibino on saxophone and AYAKI on piano, performing together at GENTLE LOVE. There’s a website dedicated to the album, which can be found here.

Each week we’ll be unveiling two track titles leading up to the May 19, 2014 release date on Loudr and other digital retailers. So far Donkey Kong Country’s “Aquatic Ambiance” has been announced (sample below) alongside Secret of Mana’s “A Wish…” (exclusive sample on GameSpot).

Saturday Morning RPG Original Soundtrack By Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth (SMRC-1003)

Scarlet Moon Records is pleased to announce the release of the Saturday Morning RPG Original Soundtrack featuring Vince DiCola and Kenny Meriedeth. Fans of DiCola’s work on Rocky IV and Transformers: The Movie will feel right at home with his signature synth rock sound with orchestral accents.

The album features 27 tracks, including the full Saturday Morning RPG soundtrack, pieces of music that have been submitted for the game and may be featured in future episodes, an unreleased vocal theme titled “No Risk No Glory,” and a rock/chip arrangement by Grant “Stemage” Henry and Dmitry “C-jeff” Zhemkov and an FM synthesis version of the game’s battle theme by Jake “virt” Kaufman.

A limited-print physical edition is available from Bandcamp and Amazon, while the digital version sold on Loudr will include the bonus single, “Christmas Adventure,” released separately for the Christmas holiday. The album is also available via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

See the physical album’s packaging as well as album credits below. Continue reading Saturday Morning RPG Original Soundtrack By Vince DiCola & Kenny Meriedeth (SMRC-1003)

Dragon Fantasy Book II Original Soundtrack by Dale North (SMRC-1004)

The first release out from Scarlet Moon Records is Dale North’s Dragon Fantasy Book II Original Soundtrack. This 43-track album marks the triumphant return of the classic JRPG soundtrack that many enthusiasts, myself included, have been yearning for. North, a singer and songwriter first and foremost, draws on this background to craft catchy melodies around every turn.

I had a blast coming up with the track names with Muteki’s Adam Rippon. We hope you enjoy them!

A limited physical edition, available via Bandcamp and Amazon, features 37 tracks and is adorned with artwork from the game. The Bandcamp version includes an immediate download of the full 43-track version.

Also available via iTunesAmazon MP3, and Loudr.

Credits and physical packaging artwork can be found below. Continue reading Dragon Fantasy Book II Original Soundtrack by Dale North (SMRC-1004)