Monarch: Heroes of a New Age Arrangements & Variations (SMRC-1002)

As mentioned, this arrangement album is one not to be missed. Containing alternate versions of many of the tracks from the Original Soundtrack, there are also all-new arrangements created by Goomin Nam including a moving Korean vocal version of “Forgotten Archduchess,” pop ballad covers by Goomin Nam of “Peaceful Macdallena” and by Dale North of “Seaside Village,” a dark take on “Wandering Woods” by Joshua Morse, and a beautiful piano and saxophone improvisation by Norihiko Hibino and AYAKI (GENTLE LOVE).

The album features 15 tracks, including variations, arrangements, and a bonus trailer from the game’s announcement.

A limited-print physical version is available on Bandcamp, while the two albums are being bundled together at a discounted price exclusively on Loudr. You can also pick it up on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Hear a sample and view the beautiful physical packaging along with album credits below.

All Music Composed, Arranged and Mixed by Goomin Nam (Nauts, Corners Groove)

Music Produced by Goomin Nam and Jae-won Shin (Maius Games)

Except Arranged by
Joshua Morse (07)
GENTLE LOVE (Norihiko Hibino & AYAKI) (09)
Dale North (10)

“Forgotten Archduchess (Vocal Version)”
Vocals: Hyerim Ryu
Recording Studio: Corners Groove Studio

Copyright Maius Games. All rights reserved.

Mastering Engineer: Mustin for Mustin Enterprises, LLC /

Illustrations: Tae-Sup Shin, Young-June Choi

Packaging Art Director: Connary Fagen /

Executive Producer: Jayson Napolitano

Special Thanks: E.Q.P, SPIKE, TELLEMENT, Chang-ho Choi, Junyoung Ahn, Taek-Sung Song (Corners Studio) and Jeron Moore

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