Dragon Fantasy Book II Original Soundtrack by Dale North (SMRC-1004)

The first release out from Scarlet Moon Records is Dale North’s Dragon Fantasy Book II Original Soundtrack. This 43-track album marks the triumphant return of the classic JRPG soundtrack that many enthusiasts, myself included, have been yearning for. North, a singer and songwriter first and foremost, draws on this background to craft catchy melodies around every turn.

I had a blast coming up with the track names with Muteki’s Adam Rippon. We hope you enjoy them!

A limited physical edition, available via Bandcamp and Amazon, features 37 tracks and is adorned with artwork from the game. The Bandcamp version includes an immediate download of the full 43-track version.

Also available via iTunesAmazon MP3, and Loudr.

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Review: Final Fantasy X HD Remaster OST

I admit that I never gave the Final Fantasy X soundtrack much of a chance back when it was released. I played through the game, and to this day, it’s one of my least favorite games in the series, so it makes sense that I didn’t come back to the soundtrack very often. However, the re-release of the soundtrack in an upgraded “remaster” version to celebrate the game’s HD re-release has given me the opportunity to really dig into the music and appreciate it as a stand-alone product, and I must say that I actually like it a lot after listening.

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