Review: Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack

With the release of Final Fantasy X HD, Square Enix took the opportunity to re-release the Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack, which has been out of print for some time.

I admit I never played the game (I was adamant at the time that Final Fantasy games didn’t need sequels), but I did enjoy some of the music in passing. Now I’m getting a more in-depth look at the score, and there’s a lot of great music here.

Most note worthy is the opening “Eternity ~Memories of Light and Waves~,” a fantastic piano ballad by Noriko Matsueda. It’s packs an emotional punch, but retains a dreamy atmosphere that I find so comforting. I think this one would benefit from a vocal version some day.

From there, we have the upbeat and hip “Yuna’s Theme,” bringing in funk elements and an infectious melody. The funk continues with added brass and electronics in “Sphere Hunter ~Seagull Group~” and “Assistance Store Seagulls,” which will have you bopping your head, while the Panzer Dragoon-esque “Gagazet Mountain,” searing electronic-infused “YuRiPa 3,” and ethereal “Macalania Forest” also stand out. There’s the somber “Yuna’s Ballad,” the ominous organ track, “Vegnagun Activating,” the decisive “The Farplane Abyss” with its wailing electric guitars and metallic clanging percussion, and a sweeping and moving “Epilogue.” It’s also a huge deal that they featured a single by J-pop star Kumi Koda, “1000 Words,” although it’s fairly standard J-pop material.

It’s great to see Square Enix bringing out more of its back catalog. We can hope that over time more of their material will make its way out via the Square Enix label. I think this album should find a wide audience given the large number of popular genres covered, and I recommend checking it out. You can pick up this re-issue on CD Japan.

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