Review: Sengoku Basara 4 Original Soundtrack

The Sengoku Basara series has generally been known to have great music. I’ve enjoyed my fair share of the powerful orchestral pieces and eclectic mix presented through the character themes, and it certainly didn’t hurt to have Shadow of the Colossus composer Ko Otani working alongside T’s Music and the rest of the large music team for Sengoku Basara 3.

Does Sengoku Basara 4 live up to the musical history of the franchise? Find out below.

The short answer is yes. Fans of Sengoku Basara will be pleased with yet another collection of high quality and highly varied tracks. There’s everything here from orchestral action and grinding metal to smokey jazz and pounding electronic pop, and there’s a lot of it with 64 tracks spanning two discs.

The opening theme takes a different direction, ditching vocals in favor of a powerful and somewhat somber orchestral theme that feels like something out of Metal Gear Solid with its emotional impact and electronic percussion. It actually follows that much of the game’s score is darker and moodier than in previous installments, although the character themes afford the team to the opportunity to explore more varied and upbeat territory.

Following the opener, we have wailing electric guitars, traditional Japanese instruments, moody ambiance, crunchy electronics, solo piano, beautiful ballads, ethnic desert themes, electro pop, traditional jazz, honky tonk, circus-esque marching band, buzzing alarms, funk, disco dance, a polka, and even dubstep. It’s all here, and it all sounds great, including several fantastic renditions of the main theme. Unfortunately the track titles haven’t been translated into English to call them out by name, but there’s a large number of really great themes to be enjoyed. I was actually surprised by how many tracks caught my attention.

It’s hard to say that fans of rock or orchestral alone will like this soundtrack. There are so many different styles represented, and they’re all done so well. Any fan of music will find something here to enjoy.

Available at CD Japan.

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