Minna de Mamotte Knight ~Hime no Tokimeki Rhapsody~ Soundtrack Vol.1 (SRIN-1125)

This album has likely been on a lot of people’s most-wanted list. Protect Me Knight was released in North America in the Xbox Live Indie Arcade, developed by the studio of renowned game music composer Yuzo Koshiro, with 8-bit-style tunes written by Koshiro himself. There was never an official soundtrack release, but with the development and launch of Protect Me Knight 2 in Japan, there’s finally a soundtrack release featuring Koshiro with legends from across the shmup and 8-bit scenes, including SuperSweep’s Shinji Hosoe, OGR, Motoaki Furukawa, and Hiro. It’s an impressive line-up, and the album comes courtesy of SuperSweep.

The catchy main theme and the upbeat “Retro-Nitro-Girl” are sure to be fan favorites. The album includes the 8-bit soundtrack, some up-tempo versions, and original versions of songs before they were created in 8-bit style. It can be purchased at CD Japan.

2 thoughts on “Minna de Mamotte Knight ~Hime no Tokimeki Rhapsody~ Soundtrack Vol.1 (SRIN-1125)”

  1. I only now realized that Scarlet Moon has a blog! Have to put it in my RSS reader :)

    Thanks for the YouTube-link. I’m going to a concert by New Japan BGM Philharmonic tomorrow, where half of the focus is on Yuzo Koshiro and they will be performing “Go! Mamotte Knight!” from Protect Me Knight 2.

    I stumbled on this post when looking for what the soundtrack is like.

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