Review: Arcadia no Aoki Miko ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

We unfortunately don’t see a lot of mobile games that are coming out in Japan. One such game from Square Enix, Arcadia no Aoki Miko, remains a mystery to me, but Square Enix has released a soundtrack album featuring music by Naoshi Mizuta, and I think RPG fans may be surprised by what they hear.

Check out some impressions if this somewhat brief album below.

I say brief, but I suppose approximately 40 minutes is a reasonable length for a mobile RPG soundtrack. The album features an opening and closing theme by KOKIA, who Square Enix recently collaborated with on the Rise of Mana soundtrack. I like that this relationship exists, as KOKIA’s ethereal and organic stylings fit in with a lot of the titles Square Enix has been putting out. It’s short but sweet, with dreamy synth lead chords and beautiful string work, being arranged by Mizuta.

The rest of the score traverses the typical RPG trappings. There’s an upbeat opener and several atmospheric orchestral tracks. Unfortunately they tend to fall on the short side. Still, I couldn’t help but feel that some of the pieces felt a little Koichi Sugiyama-esque. Could Naoshi Mizuta eventually take the helm of the Dragon Quest series? This soundtrack makes me believe it could be.

In addition to the orchestral soundscapes, there’s a great Celtic piece and the obligatory orchestral rock battle theme that comes in at the end. It’s all well done and enjoyable within the framework if it being a mobile title with a shorter overall play time.

In all, the Arcadia no Aoki Miko soundtrack is short but sweet. The album artwork is quite lovely, and has me curious about the game itself, but I don’t suppose we’ll ever see it outside of Japan. It’s still nice that Square Enix took the time to release the music, and on CD no less.

Pick it up at CD Japan if you want to give it a spin.

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