Taito’s Hisayoshi “OGR” Ogura did quite a job on the Darius series. The quirky shooter title has some equally interesting music, and this version stands out even further as the Mega Drive version, so get ready for some tasty FM synthesis in our review below.

What shmup would be complete without some upbeat, funky goodness, which is made all the better given the sound source? The first stage, “Olga Breeze” has you covered there, while the slow and mysterious “Muse Valley,” the more subdued, but equally funky “Cynthia,” the 8-minute long journey, “say PaPa,” and the explosive and joyous “Ending” all stand out.

This is certainly your standard schmup material, but fans of OGR will be pleased, and even those who have enjoyed past releases of this soundtrack will likely enjoy the Mega Drive version.

The unfortunate news is that it’s only available on iTunes in Japan. So get an iTunes Japan account and check this out if you’re interested!

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