Review: Escape Goat 2 Original Soundtrack

I’m a huge fan of MagicalTimeBean. SoulCaster and Escape Goat have been a lot of fun both in gameplay and music. What used to be a one man show with Ian Stocker expanded this time around, but he still handles the majority of the soundtrack, with one appearance by Disasterpeace.

Does the Escape Goat 2 get the nostalgia flowing like past MagicalTimeBean titles have? Find out below.

Right out of the gate with “Restoration,” you’ll get the beautiful reverb-laden retro synths and powerful percussion that are signatures of Stocker’s soundtracks. There’s a pop vibe to draw in your attention along with a hint of danger at what lies ahead for our dear purple goat.

From there, it’s on to my favorite track, the funky “Heavy Forest,” with its snappy percussion, groovin’ bass, and catchy Castlevania-esque chorus section. It’s simply perfect. And if that wasn’t enough, you can get another Konami-flavored fix with “Reunion” with its wailing synthetic electric guitar, chugging bass, and beautifully reverberating synth lines. The Disasterpeace appearance I mentioned above comes as the dark and atmospheric “Lair of Toragos,” featuring similar sounds as heard elsewhere on the album, but with a distinctly ambient approach. A couple other favorites include the decisive “Lunatix Grave” with its grinding bass and laser beam synths, and the amazing funk pop “Cloak of Darkness,” which, with the addition of some vocals and a fancy dance number, could be the new “Thriller.”

The last track I’ll mention is the epic “Caper Erratus,” a track that features Stocker’s retro synth work with live choir. It’s a strange yet highly effective combination that has me curious what Stocker could achieve with a bigger scale score in the future.

In all, Escape Goat 2 provides more retro goodness for fans, along with a couple special treats in the way of Disasterpeace’s contribution and the choral track. I recommend picking it up on Bandcamp along with the game!

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