Review: Hyrule Warriors

Everyone knew from the moment Hyrule Warriors was announced that this game would be all about fan service. I’ve personally never delved into the Dynasty Warriors series, mainly because the setting didn’t appeal to me very much, but a similar game taking place in Hyrule with all my favorite Zelda characters? I knew I’d be in  for a treat.

One thing that was never discussed leading up to launch was the game’s soundtrack. Would there be an original score? Would we get renditions of our favorite Zelda tunes, and if so, in the rockin’ style that Dynasty Warriors is known for, or a more orchestral approach that we know from the Zelda franchise?

I’ll say I wasn’t disappointed. Read our review below.

The two composers, Masato Koike and Yuki Matsumura, are both from Koei Tecmo and have worked on the Dynasty Warriors franchise. The two stay true to the Dynasty Warriors rock style while incorporating classic Zelda tunes in often unexpected ways. You’ll get the iconic and straightforward “Main Theme” and “Overworld” from the first Zelda done up with chugging electric guitars and big brass, while the menu track is a surprisingly heavy version of the house theme from Ocarina of Time, which I found myself loving despite never caring for the original.

My personal favorites are the upbeat and energetic “Skyloft,” which gets a nice Asian-flavored twist in the woodwinds section, and the original “Under Siege,” which has been stuck in my head for days with its epic brass that drives you forward (I found myself selecting this track fairly often on repeated playthroughs). Other surprises include “In the Greenwood,” which I seem to recall from Ocarina of Time (much heavier here), the explosive “Boss Battle,” and “Kumite,” which reminds me of Metroid Metal. Series fans will also appreciate the field themes from Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time and the “Kakariko Village” theme done up in a similar style to the previously-described “Skyloft.”

There aren’t really any duds in the game. From the arrangements to the original tracks, everything drives the action forward, and even when I wasn’t selecting “Under Siege,” I was never disappointed with what I was listening to.

I’d love to see a soundtrack album for Hyrule Warriors. The music is fantastic, and I’ve been having a blast with the game. I can’t stop playing through old levels to get all the treasure and top my previous performance. They’ve really done a great job that I think will hold Zelda fans over until we start hearing more about the core Zelda Wii U title that’s in development.

In the meantime, check out the music in the game, or take a peek in on YouTube to hear some of the music for yourself!

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