Review: Schoolgirl Strikers Original Soundtrack

What an unexpected surprise! Square Enix put out this unassuming soundtrack to their recent iOS/Android title, School Strikers, with music by Mitsuto Suzuki and Kengo Tokusashi. Upbeat melodies, great electronic atmospheres, and some great productive values all make this an enjoyable and surprising listening experience.

Let’s jump in!

The album opens with an upbeat electronic pop tune with a strong fantasy vibe, making use of woodwinds and strings. This jolly mood continues into the swinging piano, accordion, and tick tock bells of the second track, and more quirky electronic tunes to follow. Things get a little more heavier with chaotic layered piano and dissonance that is followed by a powerful and dark piano concerto. There’s another track with distorted strings and scary sound effects and glitch effects later on as well.

One track features beautiful harp work and droning bell tones that create an otherworldly atmosphere, while another gets an energetic Celtic soundscape. There’s a tropical pop tune, pumping electronic beats, and what sounds to be a classic dungeon theme with heavy snare, string stabs, and piano work reminiscent of Final Fantasy XIII. We get an epic fantasy battle theme with a playful twist, a healing piece, and a typical anime pop rock track. The final track on the album features an electronic version of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” by Mitsuto Suzuki and is a real treat.

That last line sums up this album, really. I found it to be a surprise and a real treat. Suzuki and Tokusashi have created some excellent work that people need to check out, even if they’re like me and have no idea what this game is all about.

It can be purchased at CD Japan.

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