Review: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call and Remix Selections

Theatrhythm is one of the most exciting things to happen to Final Fantasy or rhythm games in the past several years. It was the sort of idea that I could imagine throwing around with friends and never expecting to be made, but here it is. I loved Theatrhythm, and even dabbled in some DLC on my mobile phone, so I was again surprised and excited to see that it had done well enough to warrant a sequel of sorts.

Curtain Call brings more of the same, or rather, a whole lot more. There are some great additions to the music roster, which boasts over 210 songs, and a lot more to see and do, so check out my brief review below.

I’ll say outright that Curtain Call doesn’t do anything groundbreaking. It’s more of the same Theatrhythm you love, with an expanded playlist and more unlockables (tons of characters, sound effects, songs, StreetPass stuff, etc.). The unimaginative Chaos Shrine from the first game is replaced with a quest mode that arranges the battle and field stages in a branching progression that you must pass through on the way to a final showdown that will reward players with additional items and goodies if conquered. I won’t belabor the mechanics of the game, because it plays exactly the same as its predecessor, with the tapping, swiping, and dragging on the touch screen in time with the music.

My favorite new additions to the Theathythm playlist includes Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (fantastic music from Ryuji Sasai, with perfect note charting for the battle themes) and Final Fantasy Tactics (which are deceptively difficult). There’s also a lot of Final Fantasy Type-0 tracks to give you a preview of that soundtrack (it’s quite good) and even the recently released Lightning Returns. There’s a ton of music, so much that you may never find yourself playing through all of it. Still, there are many challenges to be had, so you’ll likely be playing your favorites on ultimate mode multiple times in order to master them.

The menus get all sorts of remixed Final Fantasy music, five of which are featured on the Remix Selections disc. It’s a shame that only five songs are featured, but I’m sure that’s an indication that a separate soundtrack disc is coming. The “Mog House” arrangement from Final Fantasy XI that plays when you access the StreetPass menu is sublime with its retro chiptune and pop elements. I must have it, and will gladly buy whatever CD they put out that features it. As far as what is here, the arrangements are pretty straightforward, but I do appreciate the adventurous “Locke’s Theme” from Final Fantasy VI, the laid back “Main Theme” from Final Fantasy VII, and the decisive “Choose Your Combatants” from Final Fantasy Tactics found on this disc.

If you loved Theatrhythm, you’ll certainly love Curtain Call, as it’s much the same. We’re hearing now that some of the DLC will explore other franchises, so here’s hoping that we see some Chrono Trigger music in the near future!

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